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My name is Dennis and I am an Electronut!  Not an Electronaut as BMW wants to call those lucky few who were able to sign up to be part of the two year closed lease program that BMW had for its ActiveE phase of its electric car program now being shopped around as BMWi.  I guess Apple already has iBMW taken ;-).

Some may ask, why did I choose to be an environmentalist…

That’s the wrong question to ask, ’cause you obviously don’t know me.I’m NOT an environmentalist. I’m a capitalist. This darn BMW Active E has made me Accidentally Environmental!

  • Yes. The picture is of me AT the recycling center.
  • Yes. The car IS all electric…

Let me explain why I am Accidentally Environmental.

  1. I get my money back for recycling my soda cans and water bottles. If I didn’t… I wouldn’t. Additionally, the recycling center is around the corner from home, so it’s relatively convenient to get my money back. Side note:  If you’re a Costco member, you can ALSO return your recyclables at the Costco return center to get your money back.
  2. The electric car is because
    1. It’s cool  AND
    2. I can get on the carpool lane by myself and the Leaf and Volt were unattractive to me.
  3. [Update August 2012] Yes, I have a solar array on my roof courtesy of Real Goods Solar and BMW.  This is because it SAVES me money.  Details here and pictures here.
  4. [Update March 2013] After over a year of driving electric…  I’ve turned into an EVangelist and want everyone to join the rEVolution!  EVs are fun to drive, regardless of the make.  The instant torque is exhilarating.  Saving money is awesome too.

Lastly, I find that the hours I spend at public charging stations has increased the time I spend at various locations, so I will be writing about my other passions, namely great food (sometimes just good food) and sports as it relates to my EV experience on this blog as well, so be forewarned.  The amount of walking that I’ve done since I’ve been driving my ActiveE has definitely increased and I’ve even lost a few pounds since the charger closest to my office is 3/4 of a mile away, so I feel very justified in eating well. 😉 [Update September 7, 2012 – I’ve gained the few pounds back AND a few more since I started my Charge It! Series on great food near public chargers.  (Here’s ONE, TWO, THREEFOUR, and FIVE of the Charge It! series)  Have to get back ON the treadmill as well as walk from the EVSE to my office every day.]

Well, it would seem that the rEVolutionary side permeated the family more than the environmental side.  In September 2013, we welcomed into our garage our CPO Signature 100 Tesla Roadster #40 in Signature Green.  It’s been a great addition and will be the better half’s car…  (though I do get to drive it at times.)


And a View of the Tesla Roadster from its former sibling in our garage, and former star of this blog, the Active E… Yes, the one that made us Environmental members of the rEVolution.


[update from November 2013]

Here is a picture of the best thing that we ever spent a buck to purchase… Our Model S when we picked it up at the Fremont Factory in November 2013.


Here it is when it first got home.


Here’s all three of the cars when we had all three vehicles…


And a picture of our current EV fleet… The Roadster and Model S…

So, that’s me…Dennis…  The Electronut!

Oh yeah, I also tweet…  So, follow me if you dare.

5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. we’re so proud of your Active Environmentalism! I was trying to post a comment at one pf your entries but couldn’t: there’s nowhere to place comments. keep up the good – environmental – work … change the world! … in a good way 😉

  2. thanks for sharing your experiences on EV’s ! i got a blog too and based on your focused articles, im going to follow and write about my experience with the honda fit EV

    1. Toan,

      It was great meeting you at the Orange County National Plug In Day event in Cypress. Thanks for letting me check out your Honda Fit EV. It seems like a fun ride and as I mentioned, it handled better than my old Honda Civic Hybrid.

      Welcome to the EV lifestyle and good luck on your EV-angelism…

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