One Year Model S Anniversary


A year and about thirty minutes ago we picked up our Model S.

In that time, we’ve amassed 24,264 miles on the Model S. Less than we did with the Active E, but considering we’ve had our Roadster for about 14.25 months, we also got about 11,379 miles on the Roadster, that’s really a greater total of EV miles than we did after our first Active E year.

[One thing I noticed after updating with a picture of the mileage is my actual driven miles (Trip A is 24,242… Funny)]

I’ll sit and think about it later. But for now!


(If you’re interested in reliving our Model S weekend… It starts here. Or when we actually picked up the Model S.)

3 thoughts on “One Year Model S Anniversary”

    1. Both cars are doing great. The Model S is envious of its Auto Pilot brethren, however.

      The battery degradation exists on both cars and I’ll probably have a battery degradation post later.

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