Model S Pick up day… 0215

Today is the day.

We’re on a morning flight out of LAX to SJC to pick up our new Model S.

It’s approximately eight hours and forty minutes until our appointment to tour the Tesla Factory AND pick up our S85 Model S… Yes, it’s 0215/2:15 AM and I’m writing on my blog because I couldn’t sleep.

Stay tuned…

I’m hoping to at least provide updates on flickr for pictures…

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rEVolutionary armed with a Tesla Model 3 RWD LR, Tesla Model S S85, a Tesla Roadster, when his wife let's him borrow it. Formerly driving a BMW Active E (2012-Feb to 2014-Feb). Dennis has been driving EVs since he found himself on the BMW Active E trials on February 2012. As a result of his involvement in the Active E program, he became Accidentally Environmental. Aside from this blog, he often tweets @dennis_p. When not driving, he can be found on the following Tesla/EV forums -,, and as AEdennis or on as Dennis. In the interest of full disclosure, Dennis has an inherent bias toward electric vehicles and has an investment in and is LONG Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA).

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