Just got “The CAN SR”… A must-have “accessory” for the Tesla Roadster

A more in-depth review will follow, but thought to just share some pictures with you…

The CAN SR is Henry Sharp’s latest iteration of the CAN... (now renamed the CAN JR). The SR designates that the adapter will change a Tesla Model S plug to work with a Tesla Roadster. Whereas the original CAN adapted J1772 to Tesla Roadster.

Just got this at the office and thought to post some pictures of it.

Here is the end that the Model S connector goes into.


Here is the end that connects to the Roadster


And here is the whole thing in the protective bag that both the original CAN (JR) and now the CAN SR is sold with.

Per the Teslamotorsclub.com forum posts on the subject, it looks like it should work with about 99% of Model S Chargers out there for 1.5 Roadsters and about 95% for 2.x Roadsters.

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