Hand Washing a Tesla Model S

So, one of the things that I was asked on Twitter was to do a Periscope with the Model S. It’s a little difficult because the only device that I have space for the videos is an iPad. Well, that’s pretty bulky and hard to shoot the Periscope (or Meerkat) while I drive the Model S. So, earlier today, I was inspired to wash the Model S when I was following the folks at Teslaroadtrip.org do their 2015 “Reach the Beach” edition. So, I figured, why not just do two things at the same time.

So, how do I wash a car in drought conditions. Well. I learned from my detailer Moe Mistry at Glistening Perfection. Granted, this is what I heard and internalized and hope that I remembered his instructions properly. Moe’s methods are very precise and excellent. What I did today is what I would call my “in a rush” method, so it works, but not the most detailed one that I could have done.

Before I start washing the car I hook up my CR Spotless system DIC-20 to the hose and a low power pressure washer to the CR Spotless. The CR Spotless is great because it doesn’t let water spots form on the car. The pressure washer is great because it lets me use only the water I need to complete the job.  When I’m not using it, water stops flowing.

Step 1 is Cleaning the Tires and Wheels

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Step 2 is Washing the Body Panels and Glass on the car

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Step 3 is Drying the Body Panels on the car

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Step 4 is Drying the Glass and Center touchscreen – Step 4

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Step 5 is Applying the Silica Spray Sealant

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Step 6 Mission Accomplished! Woohoo clean car!

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So, hope you enjoyed these stored Periscope videos, not sure if I’ll do more, but you can always follow me on Twitter @dennis_p. I use the same handle on Periscope and Meerkat App as well. [Because of some iOS challenges for some and feedback, decided to move the hosting of the videos from Flickr to YouTube.]

In migrating the videos to Youtube, gained a few more things.

Click here for the six videos in a playlist.

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Our Model S 85, fully wrapped, pictures from the process…

It looks like the BMW content on this blog might be lessening.  We have about four days until we have to make the decision.  So, more Tesla posts will probably be originating from this blog.

I originally wrote this post in the Teslamotorsclub.com site.  However, I figure I can be more visiual on my website.  The new post requesting the best method to protect the Model S got me thinking to update the TMC crew on the stuff we did to our Model S AFTER our weekend pickup from the Fremont Factory.

Here are pictures of my Model S that Moe Mistry at Glistening Perfection completely refreshed and wrapped the entire vehicle using XPEL Ultimate, applied Huper Optik window film to all glass surfaces, and finally applied a nano coating to the glass and paint to further protect everything.  We basically drove the car up to Sonoma, then down from the factory and drove straight to Glistening Perfection‘s studio in Orange County.

So the first few pictures are the condition that we brought the car to the guys at Glistening Perfection. And since Moe’s advice was to provide it to him as dirty as possible, we and drove it straight to his studio without anyone else having washed or detailed our Model S. He did a good job making it look better than new








We did try to follow Moe’s advice to provide the Model S to him as dirty as possible, so…  I make no excuses for the condition of the vehicle after a nearly 700 mile trip from Fremont to Sonoma Valley and then South to home then to Orange County to where Glistening Perfection’s studio is located.

Here they are preparing for clear bra installation

They repair all rock chips prior to clear bra installation.  With a 700 mile trip previous to dropping it off, we only had two rock chips that we picked up on our drive.



Once entire car is polished and clear coat is in perfect condition, they then begin the dis-assembly. This is where it gets to be nervous time for me when I hear that he is doing this to get the best wrap possible. (It’s to protect me from myself. As I’ve told a few of the folks during OC Tesla owners meetups, I find myself to be a shopping cart magnet).









Here it is with the installation complete














One of the things that attracted us to Moe of Glistening Perfection is that he is quite detail oriented. Such things as proper cataloging of what’s removed assures him that he doesn’t have spare parts when complete. He has become very well experienced in performing this level of work on Teslas and it’s procedures like this that sets his expert shop apart from others. We appreciated their work so much, that we had the same thing (whole car wrapped) done to my wife’s Signature Roadster (and that included taking out the factory protection… It’s ok, it’s five years old for that.)


Here he is making sure that the car stays cool in Southern California summers. The windows are getting tinted and nano coating applied to exterior glass surfaces. Including a near clear tint to the windshield AND because I’m kinda redundant to the Pano Roof as well.




He had new badges installed as he never re-uses the old ones. Besides, the old badges make for great conversation pieces on my office desk. Beside the chopped off Tesla Model S charging port that I got from TonyWilliams for the J1772 connector we use for either the Roadster or Active E.






























Like I’ve said before… We liked them so much, we had them do our Roadster as well… Perhaps I’ll write a blog post on this later. Either way. Thumbs Up!

And here’s the Model S in Black and White.


If you have not had enough pictures, please visit the flickr stream.

Pictures of our Model S getting the Glistening Perfection treatment!

The second stage of taking delivery of the vehicle was to protect the aesthetics of the vehicle.

So, click here [warning, not for the faint of heart], to see some of the work that’s being done on the Model S.

Glistening Perfection is doing their thing, but man it’s a little strange to see the car in this state as it gets taken care of.

So… Just had one full day of S getting the “treatment”

Today is the start of the second day of no Model S… And it’s going fine…

Instead of opting for the factory installed Paint Armor, we decided to follow Mark and Anna‘s example with their Model S and had Moe Mistry of Glistening Perfection apply the Xpel Ultimate wrap on our car.

Here are our cars, side by side at Glistening Perfection on Sunday…



Theirs is the one with the plates…

We opted for the whole car wrap and tint.

What that means is that we wait for the car to be serviced, then we get it all nicely detailed, wrapped, etc. No worries of paint chips for at least the ten year warranty of the Xpel Utlimate.

One of the cool things that I found out is that Moe removes the badges from the car, wraps it, then reattaches brand new ones to the car. This then provides the best protection as the film does not bunch up around the badges.

It also provides an opportunity…


I’m thinking of removing the 85 on the bottom right of the rear. I figure, no need to really advertise what model of the S that we’re driving. It’s an S. If one isn’t driving the P85 or P85+, no real need to have any other badge than Model S and the Tesla logo.

What do you think?