Third Day of Tesla Model S Pickup Weekend – 0410

Decided to top off to have enough charge to do all the errands this morning before we bring the car to Moe Mistry of Glistening Perfection.

It’s been a great ride.

Some defects that the Service Center will need to correct (misaligned driver window and check the pano roof). Otherwise it’s been great to get firmware 5.6 pre-installed.

I’m not missing XM. Using my iPod for the “satellite” tuner works fine, as long as there is good Internet. Additionally the included Internet TuneIn and Slacker is quite entertaining.

I decided to save some English language radio from other countries.

The supercharging is quite impressive. It really is the future.

Now to have the “extras” done to the car and get it finished correctly.

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Third Day of Tesla Model S Pickup Weekend – 0130

Hopefully our last supercharger stop for the evening before we head home. Looks like perhaps by 0400…

Took a quick catnap, and on our way.

This 101 route gets somewhat foggy. Great to test the new Model S fog lights…

[Updated for pictures, etc. 2013-11-10 23:00]

So, this was the Buelton, CA Site



It was somewhat foggy, as I previously indicated, and the pictures have a cool effect from the moisture.

Once again, if you want to see more, go to Flickr Tesla Model S Delivery Weekend Set.

Second Day of Tesla Model S Pickup Weekend – 2251. Third Supercharge

Stopped off at Gilroy on the way to Atascadero…

Had to do some shopping at Gilroy. Outlet stores are ideal for charging for long trips.

This stop has a Denny’s next door and movie theaters across the way.

Had some fun with the included Slacker Radio and TuneIn for the car… Really enjoying the seamless way that the car uses Internet Radio while streaming. Wonder how it handles when 3G drops off.

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A few Gilroy shots –



A few Atascadero shots –



Once again, if you want to see more, go to Flickr Tesla Model S Delivery Weekend Set.

Second Day of Tesla Model S Pickup Weekend – 1740. First Supercharge


Made it back down to the Fremont Factory and Supercharging…

One word – AWESOME.

We arrived with 70ish miles and Supercharging here because I figure that Gilroy would have greater demand.

Decided on a 101 Route, so next Supercharge stop should be Altascadero.

On the Flickr Tesla Model S Delivery Weekend set are pics around Sonoma area.

[updated 2013-11-10 22:05 for photos and additional content on where we went in Sonoma. The following pictures and content are all new.]

So, first are some Sonoma pictures.

First stop for me was the Sonoma Country Drive for a quicker J1772 charge than the 110V at the Hotel. Sonoma County Drive was less than two miles from the hotel. It has a few CONVERTED Prius to Plug-in as well as a current Plug-in Prius.




I drove over there to plug in while the better half took time to do some work and get ready. Was able to get some additional miles buffer.


If you want to see more, go to Flickr Tesla Model S Delivery Weekend Set.

We then went to the Peay Vineyards Open House.

The Wine was great but no charger.




Lunch was the order of the day at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, where there was a 30A Chargepoint Charger (minimum $3 at $2.50 per hour) and the food was good, but the Wine does not agree with us. Great building and views… The home of two of my favorite Model S shots this weekend.



The one with two of my favorite things…


And lastly, the Fremont Factory…



Once again, if you want to see more, go to Flickr Tesla Model S Delivery Weekend Set.

Second Day of Tesla Model S Pickup Weekend – 0830

As always, everything is in Pacific Standard Time…

So, did an overnight charge at Hilton Sonoma Wine Country. Nice hotel. They’ve provided 110V to overnight guests in the past and I added the information on Plugshare

Saw another Model S at the lobby driveway when we checked in. Apparently another Model S was staying the night and charging at 1 of 3 110V plugs that were EV accessible.

Added about 42 miles to the rated range.

It IS important to note that the lamppost that I was plugged into has to be ON for the plug to be available for use.

This is how it looked in the morning light…



[Updated 2013-11-11 0740]

Here is the OTHER Model S that was parked by reception…




Model S Pickup Day – First Day Rest…

So, we’ve plugged in at 110V running at 12A. That’s estimated to be a 3 miles per hour of charge… Figure to get approx. 36 miles back.

So, I contacted the Hilton Sonoma Valley a few weeks before showing up and got instructions on where I can plug in at 110V depending on where in the property my room was.




Had to use a SHORT extension cord because the plug was installed upside down. The MC would not connect otherwise.


Time to sleep.

Model S Pickup Day – WooHoo!

So… Guess who just took delivery of a brand new S85 Blue/Tan with Panoramic Roof, Parking Distance Control, Cold Weather Package, etc…

This guy:


Yes… It’s definitely the BEST $1 that I’ve spent…


[I’m in sporadic PC range and I definitely need to go back and clean up the pictures on the blog… [fixed morning of 2013-11-09]]


In the meantime, enjoy the flickr set.

Oh, and here’s our second stop (first was at the service center to pick up a few accessories…) for lunch. Just realized that we were hungry.


Model S Pickup Day – 0745

At LAX waiting to go to the gate from the Admiral’s Club (a civilized way to travel) and thought to update the blog.

So… A few pictures…

Remember, more pictures at my Flickr Set…

As planned, we’re trying to stay electric with the exception of jet fuel…

Our day begins...  The Active E will take us to LAX to pick up the Model S

The Active E is our ride to LAX. My cousin is visiting from out of state and the fee for letting him use the car and stay is to drive us at an ungodly hour to LAX in traffic. Luckily he can use the carpool/HOV lanes to get back home…

A few pictures of the Roadster waiting for its younger sibling…

The Roadster is awaiting its younger cousin.

Roadster still waiting

Potential parking spot for the Model S

Spot for the Model S

Los Angeles I-405 traffic… even in the HOV lane.


The view of our Active E being driven back home by my cousin…





Weird to see someone else driving the Active E (aside from the better half, of course…) Perhaps this experience will convince him to go EV? Who knows…