Another Lakers inspired post… Just hit 33,333+ miles…


The challenge with driving a ton of miles is picking “significant mileage” for these posts… I can pick the even 5k or 10k blocks… And that’s fine and dandy. However, I find myself STILL smarting over the season that was for my Lakers.

So, at first I thought I could be Magical and lucky with a post from 32,888 miles

A very "magical" and "lucky" combo...  If you're a Lakers fan and of a certain Asian persuasion - 32 and 888

or maybe one Kobe and Kareem Abdul Jabbar inspired…

Who is that on the Lakers that is trying to chase the NBA's scoring leader!

even Magic and Kareem

The Captain and Magic!  Two retired Laker Jersey numbers on my ActiveE

or just Kareem…

The Kareem inspired mileage

Or just a repeating 33,333…

33333 or 300 miles after the Kareem Shot

Either way… I do drive a lot.  And I figure, I’m a day or two off from my 15th month in my ActiveE.

So, what have I learned since 22,222… or 30,000 for that matter

  1. I drive with a lot more space between myself and the car in front of me…In order to maximize the really aggressive regenerative braking that I get on the ActiveE, and enhance my single pedal driving that I enjoy.  I’ve found that I tend to leave a LOT MORE space between myself and the car in front of me.  This is fine for a lot of things, but I have to be MINDFUL of folks that would zip in front of me!  People in the Southern California area see the space that I’ve left between myself and the car in front and want to cut in front of me to get to that spot.
  2. A converted BMW does have some drawbacks…Around the world (at least in California), fellow BMW drivers seem to be the subject of derision in that we, as a stereotype, tend to be more aggressive and use our “ultimate driving machines” as they were meant to be driven.  The Active E looks like a 1 series with all sorts of racing striping on it.  Thus folks expect me to drive very aggressively.  Which I do, on more than one occasion.  However, when I need to push the mileage and have to try to “hyper” mile the car, I have to drive rather conservatively.  I may seldom drive over 65 mph, sometimes closer to 60 mph on Southern California freeways.  Fellow drivers DO NOT expect a BMW to drive in this manner and tend to embolden others to take out whatever frustrations they may have on said BMW driver and I’ve had many a driver attempt to goad me to be more aggressive with my vehicle. (which I would have gladly done if I were NOT trying to extend range than speed).  People will honk at you for no reason, and you just have to adapt to it.  They’re just not used to BMW drivers who drive in such a conscientious manner (in my case when I try to hyper-mile.)
  3. I love driving the EV so much, I had battery problems…  on my X5… 

    This was covered in the post, but be mindful of starting your gas cars every now and then so that they don’t die on you.  As a family, we’ve been closer to 80% Electric to 20% ICE in our hybrid garage and continue to try to increase that.

  4. I’ve changed from cursing at traffic to looking at how “efficiently” I’m driving!I’ve become more “zen” at my travels.  I plan my trip more and I welcome the time that I hit traffic as the opportunity to be more efficient in my use of energy.  It’s kinda weird.

Anyway, approximately nine months left until I have to return my ActiveE.  Wondering what I’ll have to rename my blog to once I get my Tesla Model S (still holding on to hopes of a Fiat 500e or BMW i3 as well.)  Enjoying the rEVolution and hitting the “sunnier” part of the year.  I am anticipating actually getting a refund from Southern California Edison for the power generated vs. used for my home from the PVs on the roof.  Fingers crossed.