Blink Network Chargers at L.A. Live (Abbreviated re-Post and update to West Lot)

So, it looks like some folks over at the Nissan Forums are not so interested in the Staples Playoff weekend, and in order to get them anyone else who may not be a Sports fan to the Charger information sooner, I’m reposting the sections on the TEN (10) Blink Network chargers at L.A. Live as well as updating some of the information.

[Updated for Kings game West Lot  using a Kings pre-paid ticket, I believe that on game days, the parking at that lot is restricted to those attending the games during the game hours, but open otherwise.]  The main takeaway from the game day update is this.  You need to advise the attendant upon entry that you will be using the chargers.  They will have you proceed forward and DOWN the level where they will then re-direct you to an exit and you will need to exit the garage at ground level and re-enter the same garage in Entry E.  Pull a ticket and keep it on your car.  Charge at the Blink charger as usual and you will need to exit the garage with the ticket that you took to enter the garage AND present your prepaid game parking ticket for Lot W so that they don’t charge you again for parking.  It’s clear as mud.

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Across the street from the Staples Center is L.A. Live. An entertainment, retail, restaurant, office, residential, and hotel complex par excellence. Currently charging is free, but the parking could be free (on non-game days AND with a minimum at one of the restaurants at the complex) to very expensive $30-$40 for the day.

At Staples Center, there lies a total of TEN (10) Blink Network Chargers. Now, I must reiterate that the Blink Network Chargers require two things to operate.

1) You need to have a Blink Card. (If you don’t have one, get one. They’re growing in SoCal, not as many as Chargepoint, but definitely growing.)

2) You need to use your ZIP Code to activate the charging process (like the Gas Stations you used to use when you pumped for gasoline.)

There are four chargers in the East Parking Lot.

Two in Parking Level 2 that are back to back from each other.




The other two are side by side in Parking Level 1.


There are four chargers in the West Parking Lot, these are at GROUND Level, around the corner from handicapped and the entrance. It’s almost adjacent to 11th Street.  This lot is also known as Lot W for those holding a Staples Center tenant pre-paid parking pass.

Three face forward, and the fourth is by itself on a column.


Here is another shot with the ActiveE in the foreground.



And lastly, there are two chargers in Valet Parking at the Ritz Carlton/J.W. Marriott. Though the actual chargers are in L3 of the West Parking Lot.

One word of warning, the Valets at the Ritz are very helpful, but you need to instruct them on how to use your charger and how to check if it is working. The helpful valet that assisted me ALMOST did everything correctly, except he plugged me into a non-working EVSE. I had to move to the operational charger. Remember to give the Valet your Blink Card AND Zip Code to charge the car.

The Valet Parking is $40 for overnight guests. Charging is free. An update to this information is if you’re visiting WP24 (the restaurant and lounge on the 24th floor of the Ritz Carlton), the parking is reduced to $10 for dinner and I believe for 2 or 3 hours if you’re only going to the bar/lounge area, contact the restaurant for further details  Phone is +1-(213) 743-8824.

Here is my ActiveE in one of the valet spots:


and here is the other charger at the hotel Valet Parking.


Here is a photo of the non-working Blink charger at L.A. Live hotel valet parking (it should be fixed by now), it was stuck trying to read the RFID card.  [It took them a week from reporting to get it fixed, but looks like it is now.]


If you’re interested in reading about the Staples Center Playoff Weekend, read the next post that this was abbreviated from.

2 thoughts on “Blink Network Chargers at L.A. Live (Abbreviated re-Post and update to West Lot)”

  1. Thanks Dennis! I’m sure the Lakers are a fine sporting collective, but it’s definitely the charging most EV nuts will be interested in. LOL!

    1. Michael,

      Being an Electronut (my take on BMW’s term for its ActiveE Drivers (Electronaut is theirs)) myself, I understand, but I find my three passions colliding in this blog… (EVs, Sports, and Restaurants). Thus the series of posts on Charge It! that I’ve written about so far…

      Glad I could help answer some fellow EV driver questions on the new Blink Chargers at L.A. Live. Even happier that they’re operational.


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