MyEV for Tesla Model S:  A Hardware Installation Review.

Almost a year ago, on June 20, 2014, I contributed to my first, and only, so far, Indiegogo project. The project is the MyEV Electric Vehicle Logger and App.

We received the product in mid April and I got around to installing it a few days later. The instructions from MyEV are pretty straightforward, but it is somewhat disjointing having to remove the center console to access the Tesla proprietary cable to connect the logger to.

What do you get in the package?

1) proprietary Tesla to OBD 2 cable

2) Model S only OBD logger

3) the myEV window sticker (with QR code)


A couple of pictures of the logger..

Note that this is only for a Tesla Model S


The Micro SD card is 512mb so there’s a lot of room for stuff…


I attached the OBD logger to the cable to get it ready.


Accessing this part is the “scary” part because you have to snap it off.

First you snap the little shelf from the center console…  

Find the proprietary cable and pull it out


Here it is ready to plug into.


Plug in the cable so that you can install the OBD MyEV logger.


Snake it in, tuck some of the cable so that it is easier to reattach.


It may have been scary to get it opened up to plug the logger in and installed, but…

It’s all good after it’s done…


So, how’s the App?

Pretty good, actually.  But, I’ll cover that later.  It provides the gamification and competitiveness between owners of the system, as was originally planned.  Firer more, it’s supposed to provide a snapshot of the car’s battery health.  Have yet to see those estimates.

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5 thoughts on “MyEV for Tesla Model S:  A Hardware Installation Review.”

    1. I asked for a refund. We purchase two units to be able to compare efficiency between Roadster and Model S. Roadster one did not work, so I returned both.

      It is somewhat useful, just not for what I had hoped to use the device for.

        1. I may have some… Give me a few days…granted the app gets updated and stuff, so it’s a few revisions back (deleted app when I got my refund.)

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