Re-Connect California Initiative and Dodger Stadium…

With the Lakers early exit in the 2011-2012 season to the Oklahoma City Thunder, we found ourselves with some time to go to the “other” L.A. sport teams events.  One of the other teams that my wife and I both enjoy is the Los Angeles Dodgers.

So, with some extra time on our hands, we went ahead and picked up a Dodgers Mini Plan.  As part of the EV lifestyle that we’ve embraced, I was very interested in the charger infrastructure at Dodger Stadium and was embarassed by what I’ve found there…  Nothing but legacy SPI chargers.


In Dodger Stadium Lot N, are four legacy chargers. So, the operational Rav4s and their brethren can still charge at Dodger Stadium, but the new breed of ActiveEs, Leaf, and Volts can not.  To their credit, there is ONE 120V charger “available”, but the covered EV pictured here (is that a SmartCar?) is already using that charger.

Well, all is not lost.  Thanks to the Reconnect CA program, public charger facilities with SP1 and other legacy chargers are able to upgrade the chargers at no cost to the charger owners.  They just have to fulfill the requirements, a very good summary was provided at the ActiveE Forums by David Woo.

Basically, as I understand it.

The property owner has to have at least two legacy chargers and Clipper Creek and the State will replace one and leave one legacy behind at no charge to the property owner.  The owner just has to agree to let Clipper Creek gather the usage information on the new charger.

Seems like a no-brainer.  However, our friends at Dodger Stadium ownership have been embattled and just recently completed a change in ownership (thank goodness) and the Agreement to get the replacements in place are stuck on the Dodgers side.  So, if you, like me, are a Dodger fan and would love to use the chargers at Lot N while going to the game.  Contact your Dodger rep (season ticket office – 323-224-1365) and ask them to upgrade the EV chargers and direct them to Clipper Creek before the grant program runs out (now August 1, 2012.)

Now if you find some other qualifying public spots, see if the owner is aware of or interested in applying for the program.  Or contact Stacey at Clipper Creek (info below.)

The Clipper Creek contact’s information is

Stacey Barhydt
ClipperCreek, Inc.
Reconnect CA Program Support
530-887-1674 ex 300

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