Mea culpa

I did it…

I was hoping to wait until April, but this darn price increase forced me to commit earlier than I wanted to.

What was it that I did…

I put my deposit down for one of these –


What can I say? I really like BMWs, but the styling of the i3 leaves much to be desired.

The i3 4 door is ok, it just doesn’t look like other BMWs.



The newly unveiled i3 Coupe looks even better, but I do want the four door functionality!



I was hoping to put down the deposit by April to take delivery of the Model S by the time the ActiveE lease ends and I am forced to give back the car, but Tesla’s price increase and the inevitability of it all got me off the fence.

This isn’t to say that I won’t be getting an i3, but it does mean that the deal has to be that much better to get me to one as well. A deposit on a Model S at this time