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So, I was a little bored and thought to look at some of the things around my ActiveE, and I started reading this disclaimer sticker on the front windshield of my car.

I am especially infuriated by “…telephones (including operation of any portable cellular phone from within the vehicle without using an externally mounted antenna) … may cause extensive damage to the vehicle, compromise its safety, interfere with the vehicle’s electrical system or affect the validity of the BMW Limited Warranty.”

Talk about your inane disclaimers.

My cell phone, which works with the Bluetooth system so much so that I can access MAP messages on it could invalidate the warranty because it does not have an “externally mounted antenna”.  Last I looked, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 was too new and not on the “approved” list.  This is one of the most senseless disclaimers around.  It ranks up there with the caution of a hot beverage that one gets with a disposable cup (yes, I said disposable and no, even for the 10 cents saved at Starbucks, I do not reuse my coffee cups. ONCE AGAIN, it’s ACCIDENTALLY ENVIRONMENTAL and 10 cents a cup wasn’t enough to move the needle with me on this issue.)

So, yes, my fun car may handle like a dream, but it too has some stupid things attached to it.

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rEVolutionary armed with a Tesla Model S S85 and a Tesla Roadster, when his wife let's him borrow it. Formerly driving a BMW Active E (2012-Feb to 2014-Feb). Dennis has been driving EVs since he found himself on the BMW Active E trials on February 2012. As a result of his involvement in the Active E program, he became Accidentally Environmental. Aside from this blog, he often tweets @dennis_p. When not driving, he can be found on the following Tesla/EV forums -,, and as AEdennis or on as Dennis. In the interest of full disclosure, Dennis has an inherent bias toward electric vehicles and has an investment in and is LONG Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA).

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