What else will Tesla give you? Free Wi-Fi of course.

I spend a lot of time at Tesla facilities…  Whether it’s a supercharger, a Tesla Store, or Tesla Service, I tend to like to be at Tesla facilities.

Yes, I’m obsessed.  Either way, what else do you get for free at Tesla, well, their guest Wi-Fi is free and the password is the super secure “abcd123456”.

So, if you find yourself supercharging at Hawthorne, CA or at a Tesla Service Center, just remember to connect to the “Tesla Guest” or “Tesla Motors Guest” network and use that super-secure password.

Now, remember, it’s a shared wi-fi network, so be warned, be careful, and be safe.  Use some sort of protection when connecting.

Here’s my Model S at a late night stop on the way home from Hawthorne on our first Tesla Weekend… using the free wi-fi at Hawthorne Design Center/Supercharger.


6 thoughts on “What else will Tesla give you? Free Wi-Fi of course.”

  1. San Francisco Vanness across from O’Farrell Tesla location WiFi: “Tesla Guest” Password: “vanness_tesla” (without quotations)

    guessed it on 5th try

    1. So I am guessing in 2017 Tesla changed wifi passwords to the location street name follow by underscore and word “tesla”

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