Inconsistent Tesla Service at Tesla Service Centers… (make that Coffee service)

…You’ve been click baited! 😉

I’ve had service on our cars done at pretty much all the Los Angeles and Orange County service centers open by the end of 2014.

And I’ve found that the coffee service at all the centers have been inconsistent.

So, what are the levels of coffee service at the centers?  I have it in three levels.

The first level can be found at the (old, pre-late 2014) Costa Mesa, Torrance, and Van Nuys location.  And we’ll call this level the Good level of coffee service.  I enjoy K-Cups and these centers all used a well stocked, well maintained K-cup machines.

Here are pictures from Van Nuys and Torrance:



Van Nuys:


The previous Costa Mesa Service Center had similar machines as well.

The second level first debuted in the Los Angeles and Orange County service center areas at the large West Los Angeles Service Center on Centinela. I would call this the Better level of coffee service. These are similar to the automated espresso/coffee machines found at some airport lounges.

The same machine that debuted in Centinela is pictured here from the “new” Costa Mesa Service Center.




In fact, if you don’t like coffee… These machines can also do Hot Chocolate


Or perhaps you DO like different kinds of coffee and coffee drinks



or just coffee


each of these options can be “boosted”


However, what I’ve found is that the First one in the area continues to be the best one.

The original Service Center in West Los Angeles provide customers with the locations’ own Starbucks Gift Card to use to go and purchase Starbucks coffee from next door.

Now, this center continues to be rumored to be closing soon and be re-converted back into a showroom. So, until then, if you like Starbucks coffee and rate that as I do… Then, perhaps you would consider having your Tesla serviced at the West Los Angeles (Santa Monica Blvd.) location.

6 thoughts on “Inconsistent Tesla Service at Tesla Service Centers… (make that Coffee service)”

  1. This is exactly what we were warned about by the dealer associations, who’s looking after us here? Who’s insisting on standards here?

    Thank you for clearly highlighted the gulf that exists between the extremes of excellence and the pits of just quite nice coffee. All we can hope for is that the Service Centers that are clearly under performing in this area do not bring down the marque as a whole. I for one am considering tearing down my poster of the P85D and placing one of the Fisker Karma in its place – there’s no risk of their dealers serving 2nd rate coffee!

    1. I’m glad that my “investigative” process is appreciated Michael. It’s what I’m out to expose about the Tesla brand! 😉

      By the way, how is the coffee at New Jersey Tesla Service Centers? What level are THEY putting you through?

    1. That only goes with Excellent level of service… And perhaps with some rogue K-cups at the Good level or tea bags at the Better level, but I did not notice Tea being an option.

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