Eighteen make that Twenty thousand miles… in our Model S

Tesla service is awesome…

…generally speaking.

I see a blog post in my future for this... 18000 miles on our .@TeslaMotors Model S enroute to Vegas

It’s been awesome for me. The Service Center that I go to typically pick up the car and bring it back.


After 18,000 miles (actually a little bit over 19,600  miles now) 20,020 miles of Tesla Model S ownership since November 2013 (Approximately 9 10 months) there are a few things that I have learned.

1)  I have way too much fun with the car to pause and write blog posts.

2)  Supercharging is the way to go.  Sure, I’d pay for a battery swap (when it becomes available) every now and then, but plan on the stop, and it will be fine.

3)  The car is not as BIG as I thought it was.  (i.e. I got used to it.)

4)  Plan on spending some time with the Service Center (SC) when you own the car, because you notice things and they’re so responsive and it’s so convenient when you have Ranger Service to have them come to you to fix whatever ails the car.  (if they can’t fix it onsite, they’ll take it back and forth from the SC for you.)

5) At a service interval of around 6,000 miles (because of the tires), I get to drive the car that much more than the Active E before it gets a “look”.

6) The lack of coat hooks still irritate me.

7) Air Suspension is awesome.  It lets me enter and exit my work parking garage without scraping the bottom.  Additionally, when parking in lots that have a high curb, I don’t have to worry about scraping the bumper or doors when I jack up the car.