Pumas turn to Oxnard…

Still day two, but got a call back after I published my last post and I wanted to get this out as soon as I got word…

My ActiveE, who I am temporarily naming Godot is now Oxnard bound.

Oxnard is the regional center for the ActiveE and is often a point of escalation for ActiveE faults. So I am hoping for a quicker turn around.

I guess it’s time to get reacquainted with my 25 cent per mile vehicle… Also known as my ICE X5! I was planning on driving that a few times this month to get up to the mountain for some skiing, so that might actually start happening

4 thoughts on “Pumas turn to Oxnard…”

  1. Too bad Dennis. I suspect there is an issue with the high voltage battery system because the dealer can do most all service that isn’t related to the battery system. It could be something as minor as a bad sensor so keep the faith!

    1. Thanks Tom! I knew what I was signing up for, just hoping for a quick fix. Keep on adding miles, it just makes the challenge to keep up that much harder. I might have to try driving and charging every hundred miles for weeks on end… However, I will NEVER give up the chase!

    2. Tom M,

      You MUST be psychic! Go buy a Lottery Ticket!

      I was supposed to get the car back yesterday (now today) and the only report from the Oxnard folks was that it was a failed sensor in the High Voltage system.

      Anxiously awaiting the return today.

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