Active E mileage slow down…

As predicted, once a Tesla joins the garage, the Active E mileage seems to be slowing down.

Not much, but still there…


Still… in keeping up with Laker great mileage homage pictures. Thinking of Jerry West. Never saw him as a player, but man, what a General Manager!


It doesn’t help that the BMW Active E forums have been down for over a month. It seems like our friends from BMW i really have started to ignore the Active E Electronuts.

Besides, the Tesla Roadster’s been fun to drive (as is evidenced by last weekend’s Tour de Tesla drive.)

Just hoping that BMW steps it up with some sort of offer for the i3 for Electronuts, otherwise, I would predict a lower conversion rate from Active E to i3. There are a lot of choices out there, and the i3 should have tried to hold on to the Active E drivers.

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