012345 on the way to 67890

Almost there…


Got there today…


Pictures say a lot more than words…

I like the count up… 012345, now the question is whether I can get to 67890 BEFORE I have to return the car to BMW.

One mile in four hours… That’s because I have to charge 3/4 of a mile away from the office.

It’s also fortuitous that I was able to take both pictures whilst parked in the garage as opposed to the other “significant” mileage times.

Here are 012345 points that I learned these past 012345 miles:

  1. I really LIKE the car and truly enjoy driving EV.  I’m not looking forward to February 2014.
  2. The weight I originally lost in my first few months of at least a 3/4 of a mile walk (to plug in at the nearest J1772 plug to my office) has been regained because of my Charge It! series of blog posts (and other restaurants that I’ve been to since Post 1, Post 2, and Post 3 (as well as upcoming, not yet linked Post 4).)
  3. The car really does have an unlimited range, as long as you have access to public charging and the TIME to wait for it to charge.
  4. Have to factor in the potential LONG stays at the dealership during the service intervals.
  5. Drive, baby, drive…  Trying to catch Tom (and others) is going to be tough.

It will be a fun 19 months of trying to catch them and try to get to 67890 miles!


2 thoughts on “012345 on the way to 67890”

    1. Hah!

      It sure is a heck of a lot of fun trying to catch up to you! 97-100 miles per day, that is a very tough challenge.

      But as I’ve mentioned before, Challenge Accepted!

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